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An emotion cannot be shown; therefore, lots of folks express feelings through lyrics. The songs can be either a sad or a happy one, but the majority of people make sad songs because happiness can be expressed outside but not sadness. Memories can either be a good or bad, but generally, people write the negative ones following a breakup. Breakups are painful; it can’t be understood unless it’s felt. It’s among the worst experiences and leaves people into depression and loneliness.

Hunid, a talented rapper who creates his songs, has experienced a recent separation and made his solitary”too bad.” The story behind the lyrics written is an inspiration for many. He was in a long relationship and finally made a decision to end. He’s put all his heart and soul into this relationship but failed to work. He published a very emotional track sharing his inner thought. In his song, he shared all of the past and the journey after a rough breakup. This song means a lot to him since it has changed his life.

Hunid has tried everything following his breakup by living a partying life and alcohol abuse. Even though it was only a temporary solution, his pain still did not vanish. He then decided to reserve a studio and release all his emotions. It was the only therapeutic way to lift his weight on the chest and feel free. The lyrics are about the past and sour memories. During the process, he’s discovered his ability and realized a lot about himself. He is confident now and is ready to face any challenges coming his way.

Hunid was too busy focusing on his relationship and never got time to discover his gift. He always wanted to be an artist; he raps and creates his songs. Listening to his solitary”too bad” will motivate you and help you cope with relationship problems. He also released some songs, suspended, know so, Wednesday, freestyle, idc, 5 hours, No Oooo’s, I’m scared, over here, ai not exactly the same, lost feels, and no longer. His talents are undeniable, be sure to check out his music. You won’t regret listening to these gifted artist music.

This music, like any music of his, is composed through his relationship encounter with his ex-girlfriend, who he actually loved at the time and did everything to make the relationship work even though lots of things did not work out. Due to his love for this girl, he did everything to make her happy and loved without realizing the main thing, that is self-love and care. In this song, he talks mainly about how he understands many things following the separation and highlights on the topic of self-love. His songs are not only amazing but also an inspiration.

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