Fabreti: Reasons Why Your Refrigerator Is Not Cooling

Every household has a refrigerator installed. It has become one of the essential items in the kitchen. A refrigerator is used for keeping your food items cool. It can also be used for cooling any items as long as it can fit in the fridge. However, a refrigerator that does not cool is of no use. Your refrigerator, like any other item, needs maintenance. It can become dusty and stop functioning properly over time if you do not maintain your refrigerator. It needs to be cleaned and serviced properly from time to time to ensure you get the best use out of your refrigerator.

Are you having a problem with your refrigerator cooling? There are so many reasons that can cause your refrigerator to stop cooling or responding. In this article, you will explore some reasons that may lead to your refrigerator to stop cooling. First up, blocked vents are one of the reasons your fridge may not be cooling. It is known that a refrigerator is made of internal and external vents for maintaining the air temperature. These vents need to remain open to ensure consistent temperature maintenance.

So when these vents are blocked through food spills or through debris collected inside the fridge covering the vents, it can impact the cooling. Blocking the vents will block the airflow and affect the refrigerator from cooling. So you want to make sure that the food stored inside the refrigerator does not block the vents. The motor fan can also affect the cooling of the refrigerator. The condenser motor fan’s function is to maintain the airflow inside the refrigerator, ensuring it stays cool, without which your fridge can overheat.

So when the condenser motor fan is not functioning properly, your refrigerator will not cool. Also, you may want to check the thermostat setting if your refrigerator is not cooling. If it is set on a low setting, your refrigerator will not cool. Fabreti is an excellent refrigerator repair company where you can get your refrigerator fixed or for maintenance. Fabreti also supply’s refrigerator equipment focusing on the commercial segment.

Additionally, do not forget to check if the doorways of the fridge are closed correctly. When the door is not shut properly, it will permit the air to escape, and therefore your fridge won’t cool. It will also result in additional problems. It is possible to visit Fabreti located at Rua Quintino Bocaiuva, Vila Nova, if you are searching for a refrigerator section company. Fabreti is dedicated to supplying and providing services associated with refrigerator fixing and gear.

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