Lorcaserin drug on the market already shows some incredible results for weight loss

Obesity is a common problem, and if weight loss and other behavioral therapy don’t work, there are medications that doctors might consider using. One of the medications approved for the treatment of obesity is called lorcaserin. This drug works by blocking how the body activates a couple of hormones called norepinephrine and serotonin. They are very much involved in the control of appetite.

If you can control the hormones that are involved in appetite, you can affect weight loss. It turns out that if you give this treatment, on average, patients might lose around four kilograms of weight in three months or six months if you add behavioral treatment where a patient meets the dietician and a psychologist and is instructed on weight loss measures. The medication is even more effective, and people might lose five or six kilograms in three months. Lorcaserin is tested and studied for the past few years. The pill is effective for quick weight loss.

Three proteins are controlled by the genes that influence how weight loss occurred in response to treatment. If you inherited the genes in a certain pattern, patients lost between six and eight kilograms. In contrast, if they had a different type of gene that they had inherited, those patients lost a negligible amount of weight. However, there is a different response to treatment so some people.

Lorcaserin drug on the market already shows some incredible results; it’s not just a fat diet because it’s FDA approved. The drug focuses less on the stomach and more on the brain. It is the first weight-loss drug proven to have cardiovascular safety. Their composite scores are identical between patients who took lorcaserin and patients in the placebo group. Overall there’s not a lot of use of pharmacologic weight loss agents in the US. A lot of that is based on fear of the historical experience: they were not safe. So, now having a proven safe drug will lead more people to reach for a pharmacologic agent like lorcaserin.

Therefore, it’s suggested to take some precautions before using Lorcaserin. Before taking this supplement, be certain to think about some medication precautions and contraindications. Some users may be allergic to the ingredients used in Lorcaserin. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should not take this supplement as it can affect the infant. Lorcaserin can also interact with prescription and non-prescription drugs. It’s contraindicated to cancer patients or people susceptible to it.

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