The different gears of Luffy

Monkey D. Luffy, endearingly called the straw hat, is the main character of the manga and anime series One Piece. Eiichiro Oda created the popular series, and since the adaption of the manga into an anime, it has become a household favorite in the anime community. After eating the supernatural Gum-Gum Fruit, the young protagonist acquires the properties of rubber, making him elastic and immune to electricity. The story progress as Luffy and his crew of pirates sails forward through the East Blue Sea and the Grand Line to uncover the secret treasure of One Piece.

Luffy uses his ability to fight against his opponents, and as he matures, his power becomes stronger by maneuvering luffy gears. Using the Luffy gear second enables him to be more durable, but the gear third allows him to perform other functions. To get to the third form, Luffy bites his thumb and make an opening. After that, he blows air inside his arm to make it massive than usual. This gear brings advantage to him when he fights opponents twice his size. Besides, it helps him to withstand impact during a fast pace fight.

The fourth gear has three sub-form, and the first one is Boundman. The second and the third are known as Tankman and Snakeman. Unfortunately, a lot of details are missing on the second sub-form. Luffy got this form when he ate the biscuit, but he used it only once. Snakeman is activated when Luffy speed up his movement by extending his arms. Due to the rapid changes in the hand movement, it looks like a leopard fist. Another difference is noticeable in his hair, as it seems like a dark flame and creating steam.

Luffy gear fifth remains undisclosed, but many speculate that the gear may use the Devil Fruit. If the prediction becomes true, Luffy may evolve into a mighty daemon that handles the gears for a longer time. The fifth gear makes him a notable fighter against his opponent and capable of defeating a strong enemy.

Gear second was the first encounter for the viewers. The Luffy gear second allows him to raise his freedom, speed, and power. The level-up is possible as a result of blood flow in a particular body area, or the whole body significantly increases. Using the equipment brings more oxygen and nutrients to the organ, increase metabolism, and supply extra abilities to the individual.

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