The Popularity of Kim Dao

Kim dao founded the popular’Kim Dao’ site and she also hosts a renowned YouTube channel. She can reach a wide range of audiences who are interested to know her views and insights on a wide variety of topics, especially those associated with global travel, cosmetics, and style. After her initial experience of visiting Japan back in 2011, kim dao was motivated in documenting her travels and started the blog which she continues to operate even today. Kim dao finally expanded her website’s content to include various different spheres of her experience.

As her blog continues to garner more readers, kim dao started to explore other avenues to connect further with her quickly expanding base of audience. Due to her growing popularity, she started YouTube station while also getting more active on different social media platforms like facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Snapchat, besides many others.

Ever since Kim Dao founded her website and expanded her existence on social networking platforms, she’s experienced countless chances of working with well-known brands including Amore Pacific, Shu Umera, Etude House, Schwarzkopf, Liz Lisa, etc.. Additionally, kim dao has featured in several television appearances along with other digital books both in Japan and Australia. A graduate of the famous University of Western Australia, kim dao now resides in Japan. Even though she is unsure about the future, she eventually plans to return to Western Australia.

Speaking at a recent television interview on how she founded her traveling blog organization, kim dao stated that when she first started out, she did not foresee it to expand into a profit-making business. Instead, kim dao disclosed that she had been motivated to conduct her website as well as create more platforms by her family members and friends. Apparently, they thought that it could become something bigger after reading her website. Kim dao also said that she attracted plenty of attention by her videos on Snapchat and Twitter.

This is how Kim Dao grows to be an online celebrity at a very young age. Now, you see her out live in other or several platforms such as Twitch, Instagram, youtube and Twitter etc.. By subscribing to her links or channel, you are able to follow her most recent or latest videos or where she is up to these days. You will be thrilled to interact personally through the live feed. Asking questions and article requests to her. Explore the enjoyable experience of owning a relationship with your celebrity crush from the opposite side of the globe.

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